About SAGA

Swanton Abbott Greyhound Adoption is a small rescue set up to assist in the rehoming and adoption of unwanted and rescued Irish Greyhounds. Based in the village of Swanton Abbott, North Norfolk, the aim is to rehome locally to ensure on-going support and advice where necessary to greyhounds that have been adopted.




Additionally, SAGA wants to actively promote greyhounds as wonderful pets, dispel any myths and stories about them to the general public and to promote greyhound welfare issues within the racing world.

SAGA is self-funded and a non-profit organization but donations are accepted to ensure continued rescue and rehoming of greyhounds in need.

Our aim is to find loving and stable homes for the greyhounds brought over from Ireland after their racing days are over.

The greyhounds are fostered straight away, to allow them to adjust to their new life, so an assessment can be made of their character directly to ensure they are matched to the right home.

It is SAGA policy to take back all dogs where the rehoming has not worked out or the unforeseen circumstances of the adopters change such that the greyhound has to be returned.