Greyhounds as pets

Greyhounds make wonderful affectionate pets once they have acclimatized to their new life and made the transition to retired racer. They are quiet and docile, enjoying the company of people and other animals in the majority of cases.




Greyhounds are very good on the lead, having been handled from a very young age, they learn the daily routine very quickly so are easily assimilated into a home environment, and spend a good deal of the day sleeping.

Usually, greyhounds require a small degree of house training having come straight from kennels, which many will have only known, before they are completely clean in the house, it is SAGA policy that all greyhounds brought over are fostered straight away to ensure they are house trained before adoption.

The majority require only a short walk or two each day plus a good balanced diet and they are content, like all rules there are exceptions and some greyhounds do thrive on lots of exercise and play time, a good, secure garden is always a good asset. SAGA will ensure the appropriate greyhound is rehomed with you to your requirements, most greyhounds enjoy a restful laid back existence.

As with all dogs they do shed their coats, but being short haired they do not shed as much as other breeds. Little bathing, combing or washing is required as they like to keep themselves clean.

What can you expect from your newly adopted greyhound?
A lifetime of love and devotion, they will look to you for leadership, give appreciation to you with their affection, waggy tail and loving looks.